Vivo Analytics

A workflow breakthrough in analysis of both video recordings and live, in vivo, observation. 

Vivo Behavorial Analytics – Sophisticated and efficient software system to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies.

Designed by: Raymond G. Romanczyk, BCBA-D and Jennifer M. Gillis, BCBA-D. Developed by: Michael Purdy

A cost-effective comprehensive system for observational data collection and analysis of

both video recordings and in vivo observation.

VIVO Behavior Analytics

VIVO Trainer and VIVO Analytic

VIVO Trainer is designed to provide a training environment for the observational coding of In Vivo and Video recordings. It has settings for both event and interval based observation. This version allows definition of buttons for recording (both the screen name, color, and operational definition, the choice of interval types, and interval duration and end of interval audio warnings. When viewing videos, VIVO can be paused, rewound, and forwarded. Events can also be annotated for later reference. VIVO Trainer does not permit data storage or built in analytics.

Easily define buttons (up to 27), with custom text label and color coding for behaviors and events, frequency and duration, as well as operational definition prompts for the observer. Stop and start video with one touch. Move forward and backward with a finger flick. Instantly move from full screen video to record mode (above screenshot) and back with one touch. Timing is performed relative to the video time base, reducing workload for the observer. Can be used in event or interval mode. Touching an event in the data log displays the video event (very helpful in supervision meetings). An in app help menu provides multiple instructional videos. 

Data output can be emailed as a CSV file, which is ExcelTM compatible, as well as automatically transferred to free web based analyses including conditional probability as well as extensive standard metrics for frequency, partial interval, full interval, and duration. 

A sophisticated yet user-friendly data collection app, Video Pro© can be used: 

• both with pre-recorded videos and In Vivo observations
• to record Behavior, Events, Duration, and comments
• to record in Partial and Whole interval format

• to automatically provide analysis via export to free web tools 

Videos are available in Video Pro using:
• videos in the iTunes Library
• videos transferred via iTunes to the app
• videos you’ve recorded into the Photo Library using the iPad’s built in camera. 

This highly sophisticated app includes free inter-observer reliability analyses that allows the user to easily compare observations and select parameters to calculate both event and interval based IOA. Automatically calculates traditional IOA & Cohen’s kappa. Includes a color-coded output format of the data stream that highlights disagreements and facilitates error resolution and observer training. 

Access to multiple method calculation of conditional probability as well as extensive standard metrics for frequency, partial interval, full interval, and duration analyses. 

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Analysis Features of Vivo Analytics

Inter-observer reliability

Easily compare observations and select parameters to calculate both event and interval based IOA. In interval mode, Cohen’s Kappa is calculated in addition to the traditional Agreements divided by Agreements and Disagreements. Further, errors of omission and errors of commission are highlighted in a display of the data stream to enhance error resolution and speed training of observers in achieving reliability.

Conditional probability

The literature presents several different arguments about calculating conditional probabilities. Our analysis tool therefore calculates conditional probability, proportion probability, and co-occurrence probability. Conditional probability is the likelihood that an event (antecedent or consequence) occurred given the occurrence of a behavior, and proportion probability is the likelihood the behavior occurred given the occurrence of some event (antecedent or consequence). Comparison of these two methods is critical for understanding behavior relationships, such as in a functional behavior analysis.

Session Analysis Metrics

Quantitative presentation of count, duration, interval, and proportion. User friendly tabular format.

Vivo Analytics offers an “Upgrade to Professional” In-App Purchase.

FeaturesObserver Mode (Free)Professional (In-App
27 editable unique items (behaviors or events) can be recordedYesYes
Each button configurable as event or durationYesYes
User defined button labelsYesYes
User defined button colorsYesYes
Save button labelsYesYes
Save multiple sets of button labels/configurationsYesYes
Duplicate individual/group configurations for re-useYesYes
Share configurations with another user via EmailYesYes
Create saved “Profiles”, each with data collection configurationsYesYes
Multiple recording modesYesYes
Event recordingYesYes
Partial Interval recordingYesYes
Whole Interval recordingYesYes
Momentary time sampling modeYesYes
Record group eventYesYes
Add notes about sessionYesYes
Add notes for each occurrence of behaviorYesYes
Delete mistakes in real timeYesYes
Record individuals or organize individuals within groupsYesYes
Precise time logging of each eventYesYes
Set interval length timerYesYes
Set session length timerYesYes
Set audio interval alertsYesYes
Pause timerYesYes
In app help videosYesYes
Data storage and export:
Store on device multiple individual’s/group’s recordingsNoYes
Data output formatted for Excel™NoYes
Export data via emailNoYes
Data output formatted for Excel™ (copy, paste)NoYes
Specify observer, setting, context for observations, etc. in emailed dataNoYes
Data Summary Table:
Count: Proportion of all event buttonsNoYes
Count: Mean count per intervalNoYes
Duration: CountNoYes
Duration: Sum durationNoYes
Duration: Proportion of all duration buttonsNoYes
Duration: Mean duration per intervalNoYes